Saturday, June 8, 2013

About my wedding

(c) danielle marie photography

I never wanted a "traditional" wedding.  While I didn't have my colors and napkins picked out since I was 5 years old like most girls, I knew that the typical wedding held in a banquet hall with chandeliers and caviar wasn't quite my style.  Not only is that just not me, but I'm not really into the trend of dropping $50,000+ on a wedding.  That's lovely if you have that kind of income, but let's be real, most of us don't.  And more often now than in the past, weddings are paid for by the bride and groom.
Most of my wedding budget came from my own income, which isn't much, so I set a budget of $5000 and came pretty close to hitting it right on.  A lot of my inspiration and ideas came from blogs and DIY tutorials, so I thought, why not do one myself?  If I'm able to help just one bride have a wedding that's fun and won't put her into debt, I'll be happy.