Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making Your Own Signs

Making these signs is super easy.  My husband put them together with scrap wood and nails, but you could easily find the wood at your local hardwood store and most places will cut the wood for you for free.  

All you have to do is decide the height you want your signs to be and cut however many pieces you'll need accordingly.  Then cut about 20" sections and nail them in two places to the base, one toward the top and one toward the bottom.  The hardest part is attaching a secure stake to keep it in the ground.  You can get 4' stakes at the home depot for about $2 each.  Nail them with about 3-5 inches off the end of the base piece (depending on how tall your sign is) and make sure there are enough nails that it won't easily detach.  If you have glue such E6000 or another strong adhesive, it would be beneficial to glue the pieces together before nailing them for extra security.

You can see here how they were attached:

If your nails are exposed like these are, be sure to hammer the ends down so you don't end up grabbing a nail.  We missed one, and I can promise you it's not an enjoyable experience.

The last step is to paint.  you can use paint and a brush, paint pens, stencils, stickers, really anything that will endure the elements that your sign might be exposed to leading up to and during your wedding.  

Here are some more of mine-