Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wanted: Your DIY Rustic Wedding!

Now the site is up and going, I don't want to only share my wedding ideas with you.  There are so many creative brides out there that I'd love to showcase.  If you or someone you know had a rustic wedding that at least half of the decor, food, etc was done by the bride, family, and friends, please let me know!  Here's how:

Email with the subject line "my rustic wedding"

Include you and your husband's first names, the location of your wedding, the total cost of your wedding (optional,) how you saved money on your big day, between 25-50 images of your wedding (please send small files, if I choose your wedding, I will contact you for larger images.  Please also site the name and website of your photographer, and do not send images with watermarks,) a brief description of your wedding and your inspiration, and include a tutorial on how you did one of your DIY projects.

I will accept entries until June 30th and let you know via email if yours was chosen!